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Pipe Organ

George Fincham and Sons (1876-1927) constructed the pipe organ for St.John's Presbyterian Church, Wahroonga and installed it in 1905.

In 1961 it was relocated to the Christadelphian Church in Rose Street, Hurstville and then to 1 Myall Street Oatley when the congregation moved premises.

The Organ Historical Trust of Australia investigated the pipe organ and documented the findings in July 1985 and has it listed in their archives.

The Organ Historical Trust of Australia in its 1985 documentation of the pipe organ states that

"this instrument is a very fine example of a Fincham organ and has many outstanding tonal qualities. The Great Claribel is very clear and a distinct chiff. The Swell Gedact is beautifully mellow and is a characteristic example of skilled voicing of wooden pipes which is a hallmark of Fincham organs. Overall there is good tonal contrast and definition between the various registers, supported by a solid Pedal Bourdon.


The musical and historical value of this organ is enhanced by:

In 2009 the restoration of the pipe organ was completed, under Peter Jewkes and staff, and supervised by Dr. Kelvin Hastie. Funding has been made possible by generous donations of church members and by a grant from the Heritage Branch, NSW Government. Dr. Hastie's final report of the 1905 Fincham Pipe Organ can be read here.
To hear the pipe organ, played by recitalist David Tagg on 31st October 2009, click one of the following:

  Bach       Lefebure-Wely       Finale